Beginners, Start Here !


This course is for those totally new to yoga as well as for students with experience who wish to deepen their foundations of yoga.

Over the six weeks, we will break down the fundamentals of a well-rounded yoga practice: philosophy, asanas (physical postures) and body alignment, movement and transitions, pranayama (breathing techniques), philosophy and basic meditation. We will explore strength building, flexibility, balance, relaxation and mental focus while practicing in a relaxed and friendly group setting. Upon completion of the course, students will have the confidence to attend a variety of drop-in classes.

Price: $85 with preregistration, $95 day of space permitting. Course is limited to 15 students . Preregistration is required.

We provide several classes, workshops, and series specifically designed to introduce students to the practice of yoga and meditation. The most popular is our six week beginner series taught by our executive director Heidi Krotzer.

Drop-In Classes

These are ongoing classes that are scheduled on the same day and time each week. You do not need to pre-register, you can just “drop in”. The class schedule will show the “Level” of the class. The following levels are appropriate for beginners.

Workshops & Series

Workshops & Series are similar in that they have a specific focus on a special aspect, or application of Yoga. Workshops are usually one session, and series usually are four to six sessions.
Workshops & Series require pre-registration.

One on One personal session

This is an excellent option for those that want to build some confidence before being in a class environment, have special needs, or want to focus on specific aspects of their existing yoga practice. The teacher will work with you to establish a yoga practice tailored to your life that can be sustainable for the long term.

One hour session- 70.00

Email Heidi Krotzer for more information on personal sessions


  • Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes before class to complete some paperwork (or you can download the Student Registration Form here and bring it with you).
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor and communicate any pre-existing medical issues or concerns you might have.
  • Dress comfortably. Classes are all barefoot.
  • Avoid Perfume. Please help us maintain a fragrance-free environment.
  • A light stomach will ensure you are more comfortable in class. Wait two to three hours after a meal or a half hour after a snack.
  • Yoga mats (and all other props) are available to use free of charge at the studio. We encourage you to bring your own mat if you have one.
  • Check in at the front desk, take off your shoes and turn off your cell phone. There is space in the studio to safely store your stuff.
  • The Sanskrit word for a yoga pose is “asana.” (AH-sah-na). A yoga pose is simply a position you take with the body. Poses are designed to give the body and mind maximum benefit. Doing yoga regularly is referred to as a “practice”.  During your class, the teacher will lead you through a variety of yoga poses, with directions for proper alignment of the body. At times, the teacher may want to offer “adjustments” to your pose which may require them to touch you (see photo below). If for ANY reason, you do not want to be touched, just let the teacher know and they will gladly respect your wishes. Depending on the teacher, he or she may also offer breathing directions, lead you through a relaxing visualization, or play music.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by all the new information from your very first yoga class, rest assured: after one or two more classes, the practice will feel more familiar to you and you will feel more at ease.  And, PLEASE, stay after class or email us with any questions or concerns you have. It is our goal and pleasure to make your yoga experience with us enjoyable, relevant  and valuable to your life.


Your yoga teacher is there to help you practice in a way that is safe and enjoyable and that will offer you the most benefit. All our teachers are highly trained and knowledgeable and love to talk about yoga, so please ask any and all questions you may have.
It is important to remember that yoga is not a competitive sport, and to approach your practice with a good sense of humor. Taking time to practice yoga is not only a gift to yourself, so enjoy it fully.

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In order for our teachers to spend time with their loved ones for the holidays, the studio will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will reopen Thursday, December 26. Merry Christmas!